AP media bias, cont’d

The AP is not an organization to hide its anti-Israel agenda. Watch how they justify the kidnapping of foreign aid workers by palestinians angry at Israel retreiving six wanted criminals before Hamas sets them free:

In the raid, Israel seized six wanted Palestinians, including the mastermind of the 2001 assassination of Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeeviof. Israel said Wednesday it is determined to try the detainees for the killing.

Palestinian anger over the raid lingered Wednesday as a protest strike was held. Palestinians closed shops across the West Bank and Gaza amid an outburst of anti-Western sentiment. In Gaza, schools opened, but most students left early. Nablus residents observed a general strike.

The raid set off unprecedented Palestinian reprisals against foreigners because U.S. and British wardens, who had supervised the Jericho prisoners under an unusual 2002 arrangement left their posts just before Israeli troops arrived. Gunmen vandalized Western offices and kidnapped 11 foreigners, including an American university professor. All have now been released.

Update: I swear, AP reads my blog. The above now reads:

The raid triggered unprecedented Palestinian reprisals against foreigners, blaming the U.S. and Britain for withdrawing their monitors and charging collusion with Israel.

As the raid unfolded Tuesday, gunmen vandalized Western offices and kidnapped 11 foreigners, including an American university professor. By Wednesday afternoon, the last of the hostages was released in Gaza.

Can the AP toe the palestinian line, or what? But wait, there’s more!

Abbas suggested there was close coordination between British and American inspectors at the prison and Israeli forces. Abbas said the foreign monitors left Jericho at 9:20 a.m. Tuesday, and that Israeli forces entered town 10 minutes later.

Pressed to elaborate, he said: “I’m giving the facts. They (the monitors) left at 9:20 a.m., and the Israelis came in at 9:30 a.m. How can we explain that?”

The Israeli raid made Abbas appear increasingly weak to his people.

But wait! For only $9.99, there’s also this!

The raid came just two weeks before Israel’s general election and boosted acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s image as a tough-minded leader. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, a member of Olmert’s centrist Kadima Party, dismissed allegations by Palestinians and critics at home that the operation, which involved some 1,000 troops, including elite commandos, was timed to win over hardline voters.

“Got ’em!” gloated one banner newspaper headline, above a large photo of blindfolded, handcuffed Palestinian militant leader Ahmed Saadat being led away by Israeli troops in the West Bank town of Jericho.

So, about that objective media. Anyone know where I can find some?

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7 Responses to AP media bias, cont’d

  1. Steven says:


    Its amazing how people can twist a story.

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  3. chsw says:

    Eason Jordan must now work for AP.


  4. Joel says:

    I am certain that the 6 are spilling their guts in interrogation centers to the Shin Bet.

  5. Sabba Hillel says:

    It does seem that they are right about why Olmert finally tried to do something. Perhaps he will apologize for Amona or have illegal Arab “settlements” torn down (at least until just after the elections – then he will put Yossi Beilin in charge of handling the Jews on the West Bank).

  6. Daled Amos says:

    At least when it comes to Israel, the AP comes right out and says what is on it’s collective mind. Protein Wisdom has the following piece from the AP originally appearing in Spanish:

    WASHINGTON (AP) Republican Legislators did not rebel against George W. Bush when he justified the Iraq war with false intelligence information. Neither did they do so when they learned that the NSA was spying on American citizens without warrants.

    But an apparently insignificant measure provoked a mutiny in the ranks: authorizing a Dubai company to manage the operations at six US ports.

    No doubt there’s lots more where that came from. Objective media? Sorry, all out.

  7. I just put a comment over on Jeff’s blog. I did some quick research on that article,and my bullshit detector is going off very loudly.

    I can’t find the article anywhere but on that one source–extremely rare for AP analysis. I can’t find it in English, another clue that it’s falsely ascribed to the AP. A search of Google and Google news on the author’s name and important phrases turns up nothing.

    I think it’s a hoax.

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