Carnival of the Cats resorts to bribery

If you didn’t know already, I am hosting the Carnival of the Cats over at my Houston Chronicle Readerblog Catcall tomorrow at 18:00 Central Time.

I hate yet to receive anything from Catcelebrities Tig and Gracie. Perhaps they are just as terrified by the fluffy pink gumball pillows my wife bought as Nardo is:

In order to entice Meryl and at least 99 other catbloggers to participate in this week’s Carnival, I’m offering up some mystery bonus prizes in a raffle to the participants should I break the 100 participant mark.

There are currently 48 entries from 42 individuals. There needs to be 58 more people submitting entries to break the 100 mark and get the raffle going.

And don’t forget…

Buy Danish.

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I'm a thirty-something dataschmuck in Houston, TX. I spend my free time grilling, baking, playing with cats, and trying to invent the Tequila Sunset.
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2 Responses to Carnival of the Cats resorts to bribery

  1. You know, I think there’s something just wrong with having your own blog being used to blackmail you.

  2. Just in case y’;all didn’t add the numbers up, the links did not reach 100. Sorry. I was hoping to set a record.

    Maybe next time.

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