Microsoft Word tip

Because I love to share: Have you ever used the formatting paintbrush? I use it as a shortcut all the time, particularly after I cut and paste between Word and other documents.

I just discovered you can toggle it. Double-click on the paintbrush, and it keeps the last format you clicked in.

Wish I’d discovered this years ago.

Toggle it off by clicking on the paintbrush again, or hitting the escape key. (The Escape key is your friend. First one I go to any time I want some kind of annoying MS feature stopped.)

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One Response to Microsoft Word tip

  1. Christopher Hlatky says:

    I love the paintbrush too; I use it all the time.

    There’s an equivalent feature in Microsoft Excel that I use a lot to “clone” formatting from one cell to another: Edit-Paste Special-Formats. By now my fingers have memorized it as F10/E/S/T/Enter. (Why take your hands off the keyboard if you don’t have to?)

    Cheers! All the best!

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