Job report

So it’s nearly the end of my second week on my new job, which is writing a pretty technical manual for a complex program written in Java, which is causing me to bring back my memories of Chubb from six years ago (where I learned C++) and then my quickie NJIT course in Java, and I have to say: Really liking the job, even if I feel like I’m back at Chubb again, hitting the steepest part of the learning curve before breaking through the wall to comprehension.

The atmosphere is wonderful. The buildings were built to make your office look more homey, so there’s lots of woods and very little corporate-ugly decor. It’s near a zillion shops and restaurants, and easier for Sarah to get to (we had lunch today; Twinsday has officially returned). The people are really nice, and the company itself is pretty good to work for. Free soft drinks. Free fruits. Klondike bars in the freezer. A giant box of Twizzlers showed up this week. People, people, people, you are ruining my diet!

Really liking the new job. I have a long way to go on the manual, but I think when I said, “I think I can do this,” I wasn’t wrong. My manager told me two days ago that of all the candidates he interviewed, I was the only one who said I thought I could do it.


Well, Small Software Company hired the right person. A twelve-minute commute, nice people, my own office for the first time, well, ever.

Really liking the new job.

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7 Responses to Job report

  1. Li'l Mamzer says:

    Mazel, mazel, good things!

  2. chsw says:

    Mazal tov on landing your perfect job!


  3. Janet and Chris says:


  4. I should like to point out that Janet and Chris’ comment was number 2,500 since I started the WP blog.


  5. Jeannie says:

    I am overjoyed for you…but I still miss you here.

  6. Robert says:

    Good, I am glad everything is working out. I just got a new job too. Comptroller of a mid-sized Steel Fabrication company in Phoenix. I have my own office with two windows!!! This is so much better than being a drone in a large company!

  7. Huzzah!

    So, is this the job you said you interviewed for, and told the people that you couldn’t leave your old company in the lurch? Or is this the “old company”? ‘Cause it seems like that interview was just a couple days ago.

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