Definition of a moderate

What do you call a Hamas “moderate”?

Someone who hasn’t killed anyone yet today.

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  1. Eik says:

    They call(ed) Mahmoud Abbas a moderate, and he had/has killed lots of people. I wonder which group has killed the most people – The PLO or Hamas?

  2. And when they murder Israelis, they get upgraded to “freedom fighters.”

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  4. Sabba Hillel says:

    Actually, according to Honest Reporting we see the following:

    Ismail Haniyeh was chosen as the new Palestinian Authority Prime Minister. Much of the media is describing this terrorist leader as “pragmatic” or “moderate.”

    He has plenty of blood on his hands.

    Haniyeh, has been one of most senior Hamas leaders in Gaza for over ten years. He served as bureau chief for Hamas head Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, but was given a higher leadership position after Yassin’s death. He was arrested several times and deported to Lebanon for terrorist activities.

    In 2003, Hamas took credit for a horrific bus bombing in which 23 Israelis were killed. In response, Haniyeh was placed on Israel’s most wanted list. He narrowly escaped an Israeli attack as he was meeting with Yassin and other terror leaders.

    According to the Jewish Virtual Library:

    Haniyeh has always favored violence over diplomacy, and said the Hamas’ wins in the municipal elections in 2005 were proof that the majority of Palestinians support terrorism against Israel.

    The Washington Post, quoting an AP report, says

    A Gaza lawmaker seen as a leader of Hamas’ pragmatic wing was nominated Sunday to be Palestinian prime minister.


    A pragmatist, he served as a liaison between Hamas and Palestinian Authority, established in 1994 and dominated by the rival Fatah movement.

    The New York Times describes him as

    “considered less radical than others” and he “held a number of top administrative positions at the Islamic University in Gaza City.

  5. cond0010 says:

    I think I sent this to you via email before Meryl, but here goes:

    Here’s a few moderates (with an Islamist as one of them) that seem to go together:

    Obviously, I got a chuckle…

  6. Robert says:

    Does that mean a liberal Hamas terrorist is one that has not killed in a week? LOL

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