The unbearable lightness of blogging

I have a good excuse. I’m not home. I am in northern VA, visiting a couple of friends. We were in D.C. earlier, looking at giant statues of Jefferson and Lincoln. And it’s damned cold out, so we didn’t do a whole lot more. But we had a nice lunch, a nice dinner with a couple of their friends, and overall, it’s been a lovely day.

Four cats. I’ll have to get some pictures and post them when I get back.

But it’s nearly bedtime. Tomorrow, no more sightseeing, just over to the kosher stores, fill up, and head home. I’m working Monday, which is fine by me. I don’t get holiday pay.

It has come to my attention (came up during the day) that I don’t write a whole lot of personal posts any more. I’ll have to change that. Too much depressing news, not enough Tig and Gracie. And school. And kids.

Definitely going to change that.

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