Random open thread thought

So if I declare this an open thread, and no one posts any comments, how pathetic would that make me look?

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12 Responses to Random open thread thought

  1. Mark says:

    Why would no one post at the mighty Meryl’s?

  2. John Anderson says:

    Well, how about the two diet studies published this week? One says that soy/tofu is of no benefit per se, but only in helping cut back on intake of fats. The other says that fats are not as bad as reputed, that it is diet/exercise that counts and there is little practical difference between low-carb and high-carb dieta.

    Moderation. Alcohol, coffee, salt, eggs… all have been vilified, but actual research keeps pointing to “OK, even beneficial, in moderation.”

  3. Michael Lonie says:

    Not half so pathetic as us, who couldn’t think of anything to say, intelligent or not.

  4. scottage says:

    Yeah, must be brain freeze….too many blogs, too little time!

  5. pixelshim says:

    It is randomly snowing here in the NC mountains.

    ‘throws another blog on the fire.

  6. Gail says:

    Good morning. I am teaching son to drive. We are about to leave for a lesson. Prayers of all denominations are accepted.

  7. The Doctor says:

    If Meryl declares an open thread and nobody posts,

    Well I guess we’ll never know…

  8. jja says:

    We were going to go to my girlfriend’s old apartment today to look for an ultraviolet lamp she remembers having; we need the lamp to hunt down some cat urine stains. But this isn’t a good day for her ex roommate, so we’ll probably go tomorrow.

  9. Ben F says:

    Den Beste’s site has been down for a while, and I don’t check him that often anyway any more (it’s been almost a year since his last posting on the U.S.S. Clueless). But back in early January he linked to a pretty good blonde joke (if you’re not offended by that sort of thing).

  10. Top 5 TV Shows:

    5. Scrubs
    4. The Office
    3. The Amazing Race
    2. Lost
    1. 24

    How’s that for random?!?

  11. cond0010 says:

    Den Beste’s site(s) are down? Hmmm…

    I checked the ‘2’ websites that he has and they seem to be up.


    maybe its just a bad connection, eh?

  12. Guess an open thread is a good idea to distinguish between people who have something to say and…

    Anyhow, I had me that stomach flu and the tomcat sat on the keyboard most of the time.

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