Gilmore Girls: One more year!

The good news: Gilmore Girls has at least one more year. The bad news: Gilmore Girls has maybe only one more year. The bad news: The WB-UPN merger has put the kibosh on the new Sherman-Palladino show that was going to be modeled on the old Hepburn/Tracy films. The good news: If Gilmore Girl ends next year, they may be able to shop that show around for the following season. Here’s hoping they find as good a cast as they did for Gilmore Girls.

The future of “Gilmore Girls” is a convoluted plot itself. The Palladinos say they’re genuinely undecided about whether they will continue with the series after this season — alarming news for fans of a series that, more than most, reflects the strong sensibilities of their creators.

One factor that may have driven them away — a pilot for a new series, a romantic comedy, that would have been filmed in New York — is no longer in the picture. It was scrapped with the WB’s dissolution.

The Palladinos are making plans for a cliffhanger ending to this season (wedding? no wedding?) and for the show to run without them in the fall, just in case.

Graham said the signs point to one more season after this one; the production company is making sure to add another year for people who had six-year contracts. Graham said that’s when she’d like to move on, citing the show’s workload.

Yeah, and Alexis Bledel is starting to build up quite the movie career for herself; she was in two or three movies that came out in 2005. But hey, at least we have one more year. Well, and the rest of this one.

Stupid Olympics. No WB shows on NBC while they’re on. By the time Gilmore Girls hits Richmond again, it’ll be summer rerun season. Good thing I have friends and family taping for me.

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