The Buy/Boycott Danish fight

Inspired by this post on LGF, I went to see what happens when “Buy Danish” and “Boycott Danish” duke it out. So I ordered up a Googlefight.

Buy Danish v. Boycott Danish

It’s “Buy Danish” by a landslide.

The Google has spoken.

You can see the cartoons here.

Welcome, Instapundit readers. Have a look around.

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30 Responses to The Buy/Boycott Danish fight

  1. I think you need to put quotes around the phrases in order to get a meaningful comparison. I tried it and it still came out around 3:1.

  2. Hollywood_Freaks says:

    Hopefully it’s not all talk… or type I guess in this case.

  3. P. Ingemi says:

    In fairness I think the people most likely to buy Danish (like myself) are more likely to have PC’s and net connection then those on the other side.

    What does Boycott Egypt come up with I wonder since they published the cartoons months ago?

  4. Mike says:

    I guess it depends on when and what you put in. I typed in “Buy Danish Goods” and “Boycott Danish Goods.” The result was 130 buy and 10,500 boycott. For “Buy Danish” I got 95,700 and for “Boycott Danish” I got 45,300. Go figure.

  5. Red Jode says:

    Now try it in Arabic.

  6. The Doctor says:

    Considering the Danish government don’t own the newspapers, buy vs boycott is truly meaningless to me…although apparently not to geniuses in other parts of the world…

  7. PG says:

    There’s also the problem of picking up all the hits where people mean “purchase pastry/ Denmark-based-company.” And that Google may not pick up all the instances of “boycott danish” that are in Arabic and other non-English languages.

    But if it makes you happy…

  8. It won't help you to know. says:

    Skagen wristwatches, Lego toys, Havarti cheese

  9. Pete says:

    Of course, “buy danish” and “buy Danish” are two different things…

  10. Hey, that’s right! I had a Skagen wristwatch. It was my favorite. I lost it about a year ago.

    Um, most of you do realize that I wasn’t completely serious about the Googlefight, right?

    Right. Good.

  11. Robert says:

    I’m wearing a nice Skagen watch I bought earlier this week. Nice stuff!

    Next a stop for some Carlsberg beer on the way home from work…

  12. mark says:

    I’m buying Danish Havarti twice a week now.

  13. Mike says:

    All I know is that I just placed an order with a Danish store online and I received a confirmation back with a thank you about buying Danish and the fact that the stores volume has increased 20 fold since the ‘Buy Danish’ movement started.

  14. Glenmore says:

    I’m sipping a Carlsberg beer as I read this.

  15. kj says:

    My son personally keeps the Lego company in business, so we’re OK…

  16. catherine says:

    If you put in “boycott denmark” and “support denmark” you get 651 to 38,100.

    Slamdunk for freedom.

  17. Jake says:

    I told my wife to order another place setting of her Royal Copenhagen china (ouch — not cheap).

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  19. Earl Goudie says:

    I put in Buy Danish goods versus Boycott Danish goods and got:

    Buy Danish goods = 4,920,000

    Boycott Danish goods = 300,000

  20. jblog says:

    Uh, I’m going to go to the bakery tomorrow for some Danishes.

    Does that count?

  21. RebeccaH says:

    I, for one, went out and bought Danish cheeses and a ham a couple of days after the Cartoon War hit the blogosphere. I’ll probably continue to buy Danish goods where I can for the near future. I’d boycott Middle Eastern products but, um, they don’t have any except for oil. And that, unfortunately, is unavoidable.

  22. cowtipper says:

    course, googlefights aren’t always what you’d expect…

    hetrosexual vs. homosexual – gays win 19.4 million to a pathetic 231K. paint the net pink!

    innies get slightly more than outies (well, we /knew/ that had to be the case)

    jew overwhelms mullah – proof of the great conspiracy? then again, pork eating jew clobbers pork eating muslim.

    so many conspiracies… so little time!

  23. P. Ingemi says:

    well any way you slice it I’ve been picking up danish cheese lately and using it as a mixture to make Quesadias and they come out quite good.

    As long as our arab friends continue this so shall I.

  24. The Doctor says:

    Sorry, I boycott Danish ham [and all others for that matter] on general principal…

  25. Mark says:

    This is cool, but DO NOT out in “Israeli” and “Palestinian”.

    Very disappointing.

  26. M. Thatcher says:

    If you googlefight Islam v. cartoons – it’s cartoons by a mile

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  28. nick says:

    try cartoons versus Islam…

    cartoons win.

    Hands down, no joke.

  29. Hasan S. says:

    Try cartoons versus christianity.

    cartoons win.

    no joke.

  30. Mark B says:

    That Carlsberg is a darn good brew!

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