“Gates of Hell” quote watch

The Islamic terrorists never seem to tire of using the phrase “Israel has opened the gates of Hell” for one reason or another. This time, it’s because Israel is withholding tax money from the PA.

The first step towards a major financial crisis came yesterday when Israel made good on a threat to suspend the transfer of about £30 million in customs payments which it collects every month on behalf of the authority. The money is used to pay many of the authority’s 135,000 employees. Saudi Arabia and Qatar promised to give £18.5 million to help keep up payments.

Farhat As’ad, a Hamas spokesman in the West Bank, said Israel was “opening the gates of hell” by suspending the money transfers and that it would lead to greater extremism and fuel violence.

That is one easy gate to open, apparently.

By the way, none of the stories about how Israel is suspending payments of the tax money mentions that the palestinians owe Israel $47 million in unpaid electric bills for Gaza. Apparently, part of the Road Map includes free electricity for the terrortories[sic].

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  1. scottage says:

    On the flip side, Yourish, the monies sent to Palestine by Israel every month go to feed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, many of whom used to work in Israel to support their families, and now are unable to work as the borders between their homes in Gaza and the West Bank are closed off from accessing their Israeli Jobs. These monies go to rebuild homes that Israel has destroyed, and to help an occupied people survive.

    I also think that Israel owes this money. No matter how you look at the historical Israel, in modern times, this country was their home, and we took it. You can say that England gave us the land, but today the world is rejecting the imperialism that allowed a foreign occupier like England to determine the future for a land where they have no representation. Today, England would not have the option to give the land to Israel.

    Give Hamas a chance to do right with the money, as opposed to assuming they will use the money for evil, for terrorist attacks and insurgency. Unless we give Hamas a chance to prove they are a better organization than they were in the past, we are dooming the region to more years of chaos, contreversy, and war.

  2. Joel says:

    #1 scottage
    What dream world do you live in? I could fisk your entire post but I don’t want to get writers cramp. Needless to say what nation(Israel) provides jobs and money and utilities and social services to its genocidal enemy (the so called Palestinian Authority). By the way do you write editorisla for The New York Times.

    I thought that Israel had “opened the gates of Hell” back in March 2004 when she killed Yassin and back in April 2004 when she killed Dr. Death (Rantissi). Who keeps closng that gate?

  3. Joel says:

    By the way scottage the Palestinians I see on TV and on the Internet certainly don’t look like they’ve missed too many meals lately. If they need money let Suha Arafat write a check.

  4. carpundit says:

    I’m sorry…they’re now going to open the gates of hell? They already want to attack every Jew in Israel and push the survivors into the sea.

    What exactly constitutes opening the gates? Are they going to blow up restaurants and shopping malls? Or bomb women with babies? Or shoot children in their sleep? Too late – it’s all been done.

  5. The Palestinians keep saying the gates of hell are being opened.

    Nice to know where they hang out.

  6. Sabba Hillel says:

    Actually, the gates are opened every time they attack to accept the “suicide” bombers and their friends. The gates are entry only, so opening them just allows the terrorists to enter Hell. The demons are already living in the “Palestinian [non]Authority”.

  7. Sabba Hillel says:

    Actually, they should first subtract the money that the PA owes, and only then refuse to give them the rest. That way the terrorists cannot try to get the money after they pretend to “accept” Israel or declare a “truce”. In fact Israel should declare that they have given the money to the PA and it was used to pay the electric bill.

  8. Gary Rosen says:

    You’re demented, “scottage”. Every “chance” Hamas has had they have taken to murder Jews and proclaim their goal of exterminating Jews. They never should have had *any* chances.

    As for the Palestinians, Israel never prevented them from getting money from their obscenely rich oil patrons in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Saddam’s Iraq. But the money mostly went to murder Jews. Israel does not owe them one damn thing. I won’t even bother to deal with your gross historical distortions, but I will note that Jerusalem had a decisive Jewish majority in the *1800s*.

  9. Gary, “you’re demented” comes under the heading of flaming. See that phrase after “Leave a reply”? No flames.

    If you cannot discuss things without using name-calling, do not discuss.

  10. mikeski says:

    Went to the ice cream shop the other night and they had run out of cookies ‘n cream. Gates of Hell time.

    Stubbed my toe on that damn ottoman in my living room. That hurt; Gates of Hell again.

    Can’t get a live person when I call Verizon to complain. Gates of Hell, suckers.

  11. Michael Lonie says:

    Sounds like Scottsage is part of “Peace Now”. I’d have thought that the faithless Pali dealings over the Oslo Agreement, culminating in the present terroristic war, would have cured such people of their illusions.

    If Palis cannot work in Israel now it is due to the war the Palestinian Authority started, that continues now into its sixth year. If their houses were destroyed by Israeli actions it was because the Israelis had to counter the terrorism by which the Palis make war. Incidentally, virtually everything the Palis do in waging war, from targeting Bat Mitzvahs to running bombs into Israel by means of Red Crescent ambulances, is prohibited under international law, by the Geneva Conventions. I have never heard the champions of international law, who are so stern to hold Israel and the US to it that they criticize both countries for imaginary violations, try to hold the Palis responsible for any of their violations. Evidentally, the EUnuchs and the UN weasels are not so foolish as to expect the Palis, or any Arabs, to comform to international law.

    If the Palis are hurting from this war it is their own fault for starting it. Consequently I have no sympathy for them in their plight. If they want it not to hurt them they should make peace. However, they just voted in a government dedicated to intensifying the Palis’ genocidal war against Israel, so one must assume few of them want peace. Vox populi, vox dei. They should learn that in this case it means “My G-d, how did we get into this mess?” If they want war they should get it, good and hard.

  12. Mark says:

    I think Scottage might just have opened another set of gates of Hell.

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