Reaction to Iran: Sweden vs. the EU

Look at these two reactions to Iran’s state-sponsored Holocaust denial.

Sweden is cutting ties.

The Swedish parliament ceased all bilateral contacts with the Iranian parliament Tuesday, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The EU is “warning” Iran to play nice. When they get around to it, that is. They haven’t done it yet.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union leaders were set to condemn Iran’s president for denying the Holocaust and warn Tehran the opportunity for a diplomatic solution to its nuclear programme cannot stay open forever, diplomats said on Thursday.

A summit statement drafted by EU foreign ministers said of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s statement that the Nazi mass extermination of Jews was a myth: “These comments are wholly unacceptable and have no place in civilised political debate.”

It also voiced grave concern at Iran’s failure to remove suspicions about its nuclear intentions and said: “The window of opportunity will not remain open indefinitely.”

[…] Diplomats said the tough language on Iran was part of a wider EU statement on the Middle East to be issued either on Thursday night or Friday.

The draft said Iran’s resumption of the conversion of uranium ore, a precursor to making enriched fuel that can be used for power stations or weapons, only added to profound EU concerns about Iran’s intentions.

It said the EU would keep its diplomatic options under review and calibrate its approach “given provocative political moves by Iran since May”.

Hoo-wee, that’ll show ’em! Ahmadinejad must be quaking in fear.

By the way, you won’t find the article about Sweden anywhere but the Jerusalem Post and a few other places. It isn’t deemed a big enough deal by the mainstream media.

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3 Responses to Reaction to Iran: Sweden vs. the EU

  1. It is not exactly Sweden that is cutting ties, it is their parliament. Not a very hard blow, one can imagine.
    Probably this explains the relative indifference in the media.

    Like it was fairly quiet a few years ago when Flemish parliament (yep, they have two separate ones in Belgium) decided to do likewise to Israeli parliament. No sweat.

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  3. alexbmn says:

    the love that the world had for dead Jews.Its infuriating.Live Jews better not dare defend themselves.

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