AP whitewashes palestinian murderers

On the heels of my post of a few days ago, which showed how the AP headlines become more anti-Israel as the day goes on (while whitewashing palestinian actions), look at the update to the latest Netanya suicide bombing:

The headline now:

Five Israeli Shoppers Killed Outside Mall
Dec 5, 11:55 AM (ET)

The headline this morning:

Suicide Bomber Kills Five at Israeli Mall
Dec 5, 7:36 AM (ET)

Thank you, AP editors, for deciding that the shoppers were simply killed outside a mall, instead of murdered by a suicide bomber who deliberately targeted them.

As I have said before, when Israelis kill palestinians, the verb is always in the active voice. When palestinians kill Israelis, the verb becomes passive. Here is clear evidence of the bias.

I think it’s time to start some kind of official protest about this.

Update: Look at this–The AP has put the original headline in its latest update.

Suicide Bomber Kills Five at Israeli Mall
Dec 5, 8:26 PM (ET)

Someone at AP must be reading my blog.

Keep reading, AP. You have a long way to go before you can claim the title of unbiased news outlet.

Update the last: The above followed this earlier headline, which again uses non-specific language.

Islamic Jihad Suicide Bomber Kills Five
Dec 5, 3:51 PM (ET)

Kills five what? Five whom? The headline doesn’t say. People make snap judgements based on headlines–if the headline interests them, they’ll read it. If not, the move along. The headline writers know this. Once again, the anonymous AP editor whitewashes palestinian murderers’ attacks.

Like I said: The AP has a long way to go.

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9 Responses to AP whitewashes palestinian murderers

  1. Dave Katz says:

    Check out http://www.Honestreporting.com. Their business is pointing out these little journalistic nuances (read: biases)and encouraging written protests.


  2. Beth says:

    OK, I’m going WAY off-topic for a second, and I’m sorry.
    BUT…congratulations on the Weblog Awards! Most deserved!

    On topic: when Israelis kill palestinians, the verb is always in the active voice. When palestinians kill Israelis, the verb becomes passive.
    That example you cited is perfect. It’s exactly the kind of crap I’ve noticed, too. They might as well just say “Israelis passed away” or some other nondescript term, because they (the AP/PA/what’s the difference?) seem to think murdering Israelis is just them dying of natural causes.
    Disgusting animals!

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  4. Lil Mamzer says:

    If this report is correct, what more evidence does the government of Israel need before they put a red laser dot on Abbas’ head and pull the trigger? At the very least, we won’t have to hear those ritual denunciations of homicide bombings as “hurting the Palestinian cause” (but never immoral, of course).

  5. Lil Mamzer says:

    This is the link for my comment above. It is in Hebrew:

    “Abbas Approves PA Assistance to Families of Suicide Bombers – Jonathan D. Halevi (News First Class-Hebrew)
    On the very day of a suicide bombing in Netanya, it has been reported that the chairman of the Palestinian Authority gave budgetary approval to assistance for the families of suicide bombers.
    Each martyr’s family will receive a monthly stipend of at least $250 from the PA.
    The budget for families of martyrs, prisoners, and the wounded could reach $100 million a year out of an annual budget of over $1 billion.”


  6. anon. a. mouse says:

    After seeing this, I sent an email to the AP expressing my disgust at their so-called “objective” reporting. Probably won’t make a difference, but maybe whoever read it thought about it for a whole 5 seconds.

  7. LynnB says:

    “Five Israeli shoppers???”

    Well, even the original headline is disgusting. Haim Amram, the 26-year-old security guard who pulled the bomber away from the mall entrance, wasn’t “shopping.” He was doing working. He saved lives, and he was murdered in the process.

    Effing AP.

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