AP’s anti-Israel bias, again

Hezbullah attacked Northern Israel yesterday. It was clearly an unprovoked attack. The Israeli media was full of news about the IDF on high alert on its border with Lebanon for this very reason. Here’s what Ynet had to say about what happened:

IDF, Hizbullah clash on border
Hizbullah bombards northern Israel Monday afternoon; 12 Israelis hurt, several terrorists killed in apparent attempt to abduct IDF troops. Army responds with artillery fire, Air Force fighter jets bomb Hizbullah targets in Lebanon

A day of fighting in the North: Twelve Israeli soldiers and civilians were hurt in one of the most ferocious Hizbullah offensives on the northern border since the IDF’s withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000.

Two soldiers sustained serious wounds in the attack, but their condition improved later in the evening. Meanwhile, at least five terrorists were killed in gunfights with IDF troops.

The offensive began around 3 p.m. Monday with a heavy barrage of mortar shells and Katyusha rockets directed at Mount Dov army posts and residential communities in the area. Following the strike, northern Israel residents were instructed to take cover in bomb shelters for the first time since Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon.

Here’s what the AP wrote:

Israel Troops Kill Four Hezbollah Fighters
BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) – Hezbollah rockets blasted Israeli army outposts and Israel’s warplanes and shells hit guerrilla targets Monday in a sharp escalation of violence linked to political upheaval in Lebanon.

The fighting was the first major cross-border conflict in five months and the heaviest between the two sides in more than three years.

Witnesses in southern Lebanon said heavy exchanges lasted for two hours in the evening and continued intermittently into the night as Hezbollah guerrillas fired truck-mounted rockets at Israeli army positions. Israeli warplanes launched an airstrike late Monday night, Lebanese security officials reported.

Hezbollah guerrillas blamed Israel but the Jewish state said Hezbollah attacked first and with the backing of supporters in Syria and Iran.

Notice the language in the AP article: “heavy exchanges.” “a sharp escalation of violence.” “the first major cross-border conflict in five months.” And they quote “witnesses in southern Lebanon.” Gee, who would those witnesses be? The Hizbullah “fighters” who were attacking Israel to begin with?

It was an effing unprovoked attack by a terrorist group on a sovereign nation.

It was every bit as unprovoked as the suicide bombing of three hotels in Amman. But the AP isn’t finished equivocating yet.

The United States, which considers Hezbollah a terrorist organization, condemned the guerrilla rocket attacks but also urged Israel to exercise restraint in its response.

Right. Show “restraint” to an unprovoked mortar and rocket attack that wounded eleven Israelis. Show “restraint” to an unprovoked attack whose purpose (besides killing as many Jews as possible) was to kidnap Israeli soldiers and hold them as hostages in exchange for convicted terrorists.

I. Hate. The. A. P.

One of my readers suggested I try to get a job in the AP’s Richmond office.

I will beg for money in the streets first. I will sell a kidney before I work for an organization that slants the news so horribly anti-Israel.

What objective media?

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  1. Well, look at the UN response here:


    Also notice the Hizb Allah talking head’s explanation – it really takes the cake.

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