Bloodthirsty killer legislators II

Let’s see if I have the timing of this right. Shaul Mofaz says Israel will not tolerate Hamas as elected legislators, and will not work with the PA if Hamas becomes their partner in terror. They may not be able to actively prevent it, but nothing says they have to help the palestinians with their elections–meaning that Israel would not lift curfews and travel bans, thus guaranteeing a low turnout for Hamas. Before meeting with Mofaz, Condi Rice says that Abbas must fight terror before moving on to the next step in the Road Map. In the meantime, Rice tells Mofaz that he should suck it up and deal with Hamas terrorists as legislators, as it’s an “internal” palestinian issue. (But of course, terrorists were not allowed to run for office in Afghanistan and Iraq, and nobody told the U.S. to suck it up and let them.) Mofaz then announces that Israel will not interfere with palestinian elections.

Mr. Mofaz said that the Palestinian Authority chief should move to dismantle armed factions before the election, and that Israel would not have any dealings with members of terrorist groups who might be elected to the parliament and become part of a Palestinian government.

Wow, that’ll show them. “You’re a member of Hama? You can’t come to the meeting.”

Once again, the hypocrisy and double-standard of the world–and this particular administration–makes me sick. A terrorist is a terrorist, whether he is wearing a suit or a kaffiyeh.

Once again, the Bush Administration’s stance on terrorism against Israelis fails the test.

I know someone that voted for Bush who will be voting Democratic come Tuesday.

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3 Responses to Bloodthirsty killer legislators II

  1. Yes, but none of them is running for office in Virginia on Tuesday.

    My point is that I crossed over to vote for Bush for the war on terror, and his policies since then have not kept me in his corner. I am back to the party that I feel is most in line with my way of thinking.

  2. Gary Rosen says:

    I have to agree with Akiva. I am no rock-ribbed Republican – I voted Republican for the first time only in 2004. But regardless of Bush’s shortcomings, the credibility of the Democratic Party on national security matters is almost entirely shot.

    The worst thing is that I believe the moonbat/anti-Zionist wing of the Democrats has now gained critical mass. They are not a majority of the party, but they are strong enough that even the sane centrists are starting to tilt their way. Democrats have depended on the Jewish vote for decades, and they need to be taught a lesson.

  3. akiva eisenberg says:

    One question. Can you name any Democrat since Scoop Jackson who was/is any better than bush vis a vis Israel?

    Actually, I should include Hubert Humphrey, Patrick Moinyhan, and one or two others, but nobody current. Clinton??? Carter (Feh)?

    Not that I disagree with you regarding Bush, but short of eviscerating the State Department, what alternatives are there? At least this Republican administration is doing something more than submitting its potential military actions against Islamofascists to a cadre of attorneys for final disposition.

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