Iran’s slap on the wrist

The UN Security Council released a “statement” chiding Iran for calling for the destruction of Israel. The non-Arab, non-Muslim world reacted with outrage. We’re still waiting to hear from an Arab or Muslim nation that they don’t agree with Iran’s stance, although I may have missed a statement from one of the more moderate nations (Jordan, for instance).

Iran’s government has quite clearly come out in support of its president, in spite of the media spin to the contrary.

Editorial writers from around the world are recoiling in horror that Iran would give George W. Bush exactly the kind of leverage he needs to prove that Iran is a rogue state, while managing to downplay exactly what Iran said to give W. that leverage.

In the meantime, Iran offers Islamic Jihad a bounty for firing rockets into the West Bank while denying that it supports palestinian terrorists–which denial is quoted throughout the wire services and other media as if it might actually have some basis in fact, despite the overwhelming evidence that it is a lie–and still, Kofi Annan is going to visit Iran next week.

Actions have consequences. If Israel had called to wipe Iran off the map, she’d have been expelled from the UN in a heartbeat.

Once again, the Exception Clause applies. I hold out little hope that Annan will cancel his visit to Iran.

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