Bloodthirsty killer legislators

So the president doesn’t think it’s a good idea to “interfere” in the palestinian elections, and has forced Israel to drop its demand that the PA forbid Hamas members to run for office in the upcoming elections.

Here are the thoughts and words of one of those Hamas leaders. Once again, the Exception Clause–the understanding that the laws that apply to the rest of the world, such as not allowing terrorists to run for office in Afghanistan and Iraq, do not apply when it comes to the safety of Jews.

Hamas will increase the number of kidnappings of Israelis if Israel does not release Palestinian prisoners, the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Dr. Mahmoud Zahar, told Haaretz this week.

He added that the group will not extend its participation in a cease-fire among Palestinian organizations beyond the end of 2005 if the Palestinian Authority reneges on its promise to hold elections in January.

So there you have the first admission: Hamas will be back murdering Jews as soon as the elections are over–elections in which they are expected to take as many as a third of the positions.

Zahar said that although Hamas participated in municipal elections and while it may agree to temporary political arrangements, it has not changed its basic position that Palestine between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River is sacred Muslim land. He conceded that the Hamas charter calling for the destruction of Israel could change, but “the subject is not under discussion right now.”

I’m not getting how the charter can change if he insists that Israel is Muslim land. This is the latest Hamas spin. It’s bullshit. But they know the world will take the spin and say, “See? They can change! They’ve said so!” while ignoring the rest of the words. Case in point:

Zahar said he believed Oslo would lead to “one big zero” politically. “But today the situation is different. There is Palestinian consensus regarding the 1967 borders and some people think this is a strategic alternative and the end of the story. But Hamas regards these borders only as a stage in the struggle, which will be decided by a change in circumstances. Some Israelis think when we speak about the West Bank and Gaza it means we have given up on the historic war and this is not the case.”

But that isn’t the money quote. Here it is:

“The present cease-fire is not a change of position. … There is a difference between a change of circumstances and a change of position.”

Hamas is a group of murderers and Islamic fanatics. They will never change their charter, they will always reject the presence of infidels on “sacred Muslim land,” and they will never get along with Israel.

What is it about that the world can’t understand? The murderers say it, and say it, and say it again–and the EU opens negotiations with them, the UN refuses to call them terrorists, and the Bush Adminstration says it’s okay for them to run in palestinian elections.

The only explanation I can find is that there is one rule for the world, and one for the Jews.

The world does not like the Jews.

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6 Responses to Bloodthirsty killer legislators

  1. When Zahar addresses the PLC, that would be a good time to hit it with a JDAM.

  2. Elisson says:

    “The world does not like the Jews.”

    “Ma nishtana ha century ha-zeh…”

  3. mrdrybones says:

    wonderful post.
    But how infuriating to have to keep trying to prove the point about the army of Allah that seeks to destroy us all. Could you imagine that in the midst of WWII someone would have to quote Nazi speeches to try to prove that they wanted to destroy us and our civilization?!
    But, as i said, it is a woinderful post.
    Thank you
    Dry Bones

  4. LynnB says:

    Hamas will increase the number of kidnappings of Israelis if Israel does not release Palestinian prisoners

    You mean, like this one, who blew himself up at a felafel stand in Hadera yesterday just a few weeks after his release?

    Sure. Let’s just let them all out.

  5. Alex Bensky says:

    It’s not just Hamas that doesn’t recognize the borders, Meryl. One of the many, many facts that fails to penetrate the world’s collective mind is that after 1949 the Arabs always insisted that the borders were merely cease fire lines where they had for the time being simply agreed to stop fighting.

    They still do. Nevertheless, say, building the security fence–I’m sorry, “the concrete apartheid wall that prevents honest farmers from getting to their ancestral lands”–a centimeter beyond the old borders is a threat to the peace process.

    Of course, few reading this need to be reminded that for the Arabs “the threat to the peace process” is “Israel.”

  6. Sabba Hillel says:

    Actually, according to some news reports, the “security wall” is actually a threat to many “settlements” in Yehuda and Shomron. There was a recent article about Tzofim being cut off from access to medical care and schools.

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