AP sinks even lower than usual

In the udpate to the news story cited in my previous post, the AP gets even lower than I have yet seen, taking the Hamas line on their “adherence” to the pretend truce:

Hamas vowed to avenge the attack, calling on its militants in a statement to strike Israel “in every spot of our occupied land.” While respecting the cease-fire, the group maintains it has the right to respond to alleged violations by Israel.

This is an unbelievably biased piece of “reporting.” By adding the word “alleged,” the AP thinks it can justify taking the Hamas line on the so-called cease fire.

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I repeat: I hate the mainstream media, and this is why.

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  3. Merry, I posted on the ‘cycle’ but couldn’t find the link to the Jpost story (I think) that mentioned how Hamas attempted to kill the PLO rep who said that Hamas was responsible for the explosion at their ‘parade’.
    Do you have a link to it?

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