Crimes against Jews

Saddam Hussein got free rein for decades. Robert Mugabe starves his citizens, North Korea is a prison camp, and the world covers its eyes to those crimes. The massacres in Darfur go on, even as the UN tsk-tsks and says they really are going to get around to doing something to stop them someday. The war crimes trial of Milosevic was how many years long?

So whom does the world go after for “war crimes”?

The Jews.

The EU is one of the groups behind the British arrest warrant for the former head of the IDF Southern Command, Doron Almog. A self-hating Israeli is the lawyer behind the warrant.

Reading article after article after article on this case, I get a sense of 1930s Germany. The war crimes cover sure seems like an excuse to single out the Jews, because I’m not seeing a war crimes warrant for Saddam Hussein’s arrest issued anywhere but Iraq. I see a lot of his defenders, though. I guess it’s okay to be a mass murderer, but it is not okay to do what it takes to defend your people in the midst of a terror war.

And they’re not stopping at Almog. Now they’re going after Dan Halutz and Moshe Yalon.

And yet, there are no war crimes charges against palestinian terrorists, or the terror-supporting states that fund them, train them, and send them weapons and bombs.

When people tell me that the anti-Israel movements are not anti-Semitic, this is why I won’t believe them.

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One Response to Crimes against Jews

  1. Sabba Hillel says:

    Yesh Gvul may not be anti-semitic but they are suicidal.

    That is, it is not that they hate Jews, it is just that they want to commit suicide and are intent on murdering anyone who will not join their suicide pact.

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