World to Israel: We don’t care about more dead Jews

So much for withdrawal doing a damn thing to change the status quo. The world is warning Israel to “show restraint” as rockets fly into Sderot.

Israel is mistaken in believing that, by withdrawing from Gaza, the international community will tolerate all types of military retaliation against rocket fire originating from Gaza, a senior western diplomatic official said Wednesday.

The diplomat’s comments came on the day that Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom warned visiting Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos to expect a harsh response if Israel was attacked from Gaza following the complete IDF withdrawal. Also yesterday, Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz hinted during an appearance at the Knesset’s Defense and Foreign Relations Committee that Israel would react to Kassams by firing back mortars of its own.

The senior diplomat said that the international reaction to IDF actions in Gaza would most likely depend on the extent of the military action and the number of innocent people killed.

Oh, so Israel’s response depends on how many people die? Funny how the world ignores the French response in the Ivory Coast when their forces were attacked. Or the response Russia shows in Chechnya. Or the response America shows in Iraq and Afghanistan when bombing terrorist positions that sometimes contain civilians.

How is it that only the Jews are told to die without responding? Oh, wait. That’s what the world expects us to do. That’s what we’ve done for two thousand years.

Eff you, Unnamed Western Diplomat, and eff you, world, if you think we’re going to lie down and die without responding.

Never again.

Never again.

Never again.

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8 Responses to World to Israel: We don’t care about more dead Jews

  1. Joel says:

    I would not get too upset by any blatherings that the Eurotrash make. The only thing that would upset me is if Israel paid any attention to them.

  2. This is why I have to stifle a cheer when Frenchies get capped in their current and former colonial territories.

    Based on their view of Jewish deaths, dead Frenchmen (civilians and soldiers) are just the end-result of French occupation.

  3. Sabba Hillel says:

    Since the Pals are gearing up for their civil war all Israel might have to do is wait a bit and then be able to move into an uninhabited Gaza.

  4. Tatterdemalian says:

    “…Or the response America shows in Iraq and Afghanistan when bombing terrorist positions that sometimes contain civilians.”

    The only reason they aren’t openly threatening America over Iraq and Afghanistan is because they’re scared of us. They still howl and scream that we Americans should also die without responding, though.

  5. loniem says:

    Move the embassys of all states represented in Israel to Sderot. When their ambassadors’ rear ends are threatened, they may become more amenable to Israel responding to terrorism.

  6. Elisson says:

    Never again – Omayn v’omayn.

  7. Alex Bensky says:

    Unfortunately, a cursory glance at the world’s response to events like Cambodia or Rwanda reveal “Never Again!” to be more a hope than a policy. But it’s one of the theological significances of Israel’s existence that we can assert: “Never again…but if again, not just us.”

  8. Frankly, Alex, when I say “Never again,” I mean, “Never again will we not go down fighting.”

    I think that’s what most Jews mean when they say it, whether or not it originally meant “Never again will we allow the slaughter of millions of innocents,” because, of course, the world ignores them today. North Korea, Zimbabwe, Sudan—the world makes noises, but does nothing.

    They’re too busy trying to stop the [sarcasm] slaughter of palestinians [/sarcasm].

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