You gotta be kidding me

Police arrested some idiot who was carrying a rice cooker in a backpack at the Boston Marathon on the anniversary of the bombing.

Authorities say a man taken into custody near the Boston Marathon finish line carrying a backpack containing a rice cooker is scheduled to appear in court.

The Suffolk district attorney’s office says the 25-year-old man from Wakefield is expected to be arraigned Wednesday in Boston Municipal Court. Officials have not identified him.

The man faces a charge of possession of a hoax device, but authorities say more charges may be added.

The man was stopped by an officer Tuesday, the anniversary of the bombings, after he was spotted walking down the middle of a street, barefoot and shrouded in black, in pouring rain.

Seriously? The guy’s 25 years old, not a teenaged idiot like the girl who stupidly tweeted a threat to American Airlines.

The “barefoot and shrouded in black” is weird… I wonder if maybe the guy isn’t all there, and it wasn’t just a stupid prank.

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I feel like Tig

Who is tired.


Happy Passover.

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And the winning Passover video is…

Short, sweet, and makes you smile. Chag Sameach, Happy Passover, and have a wonderful Seder.

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Happy Passover

Aish, as usual, has a new Passover video. It’s another Frozen parody.

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Changing the narrative

There was a shooting yesterday at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas. The murderer shot a 14-year-old boy and his grandson in the parking lot. They weren’t even Jewish, which happens more often than you’d think in cases like this. Then he went from the parking lot of the JCC to the assisted living facility and murdered a woman there. He also shot, but missed, others. He was captured on video shouting “Heil Hitler” while being placed in a police car, and has been identified as a racist and anti-Semitic member of the KKI.

The shooting suspect booked into the Johnson County jail as Frazier Glenn Cross is better known as F. Glenn Miller, a southwest Missouri man long known for deeply anti-Semitic and racist statements.

In 2010, he filed as a write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate from Missouri, then bought or tried to buy advertising time on several Missouri radio stations, including at least two in Kansas City. The ads bitterly denounced Jews, the federal government and African-Americans.

“We’ve sat back and allowed the Jews to take over our government, our banks and our media,” one commercial said.

The media is still trying to figure out why he shot three people at two Jewish facilities. Gee, let’s think… shouting “Heil Hitler”… a known neo-Nazi and Jew-hater… Hm. I can’t thnk of why he did it. But immediately after the shooting–immediately after–the Kansas City Star published an editorial that condemned–three guesses–gun violence.

Senseless act of violence at two Jewish centers steals three lives in Overland Park

Scattered within the editorial are words like these:

Even the most modest attempt to curb firearm violence is rebuffed by the gun lobby and its political allies. Talk about helping the mentally ill is rarely backed up with sufficient resources to make a difference.

They are utterly shameless in trying to hijack the story. A man who clearly hates Jews, who has a past of anti-Semitic and racist attacks, murdered three people in two Jewish facilities and would have killed more had he not missed several. So what does the main media center in Kansas City focus on? “Gun violence”. They utterly gloss over the fact that nearly every single Jewish facility in the United States (and abroad) is prepared for attacks by Jew-haters.

Attacks against Jewish-affiliated centers have an ugly, long history, and so preparedness is essential. That became clear on Sunday, as staffs at both facilities apparently responded to the shootings calmly and professionally.

On the eve of Passover, one of the most celebrated Jewish holidays, anger and grief spread across this area and beyond. Passover calls Jews to gather Monday evening for a ritual meal and prayer to celebrate liberation from slavery.

Liberation from gun violence is far less clear.

He used a shotgun. Not a handgun, not an “assault weapon” (the misnomer de jour for semi-automatic rifles and pistols). A shotgun. And he used it in an attempt to murder Jews. But hey, concentrate on “gun violence” instead of the real issue.

And the real issue? Well, let me warn you all: Don’t read the comments on any of the links, or indeed, any of the news articles about this issue. They’ll sicken you even more than these horrible shootings.

In every generation, they rise up against us. Every. Single. One.

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Unsettling science

Not satisfied with overmedicating children for ADHD, some scientists are now saying we should medicate children who daydream. Which means that had I been born in this modern generation, I would have been ripe for being diagnosed with this brand-new “disorder”. I remember doing a lot of daydreaming in school. And yet, I managed to graduate high school and college without being dosed for it.

Yet now some powerful figures in mental health are claiming to have identified a new disorder that could vastly expand the ranks of young people treated for attention problems. Called sluggish cognitive tempo, the condition is said to be characterized by lethargy, daydreaming and slow mental processing. By some researchers’ estimates, it is present in perhaps two million children.

There are several alarm bells going off as I read this article. Here’s the first:

Experts pushing for more research into sluggish cognitive tempo say it is gaining momentum toward recognition as a legitimate disorder — and, as such, a candidate for pharmacological treatment. Some of the condition’s researchers have helped Eli Lilly investigate how its flagship A.D.H.D. drug might treat it.

Isn’t that interesting. The “experts” researching this condition are being paid by Eli Lilly to figure out how they can treat it with already-existing drugs–thus adding to Lilly’s bottom line.

Here’s the second:

Yet some experts, including Dr. McBurnett and some members of the journal’s editorial board, say that there is no consensus on the new disorder’s specific symptoms, let alone scientific validity. They warn that the concept’s promotion without vastly more scientific rigor could expose children to unwarranted diagnoses and prescription medications — problems that A.D.H.D. already faces.

“We’re seeing a fad in evolution: Just as A.D.H.D. has been the diagnosis du jour for 15 years or so, this is the beginning of another,” said Dr. Allen Frances, an emeritus professor of psychiatry at Duke University. “This is a public health experiment on millions of kids.”

In other words, there have been no scientific studies on the so-called disorder.

And here is the last alarm, which proves to me that this “disorder” is a load of crap:

Dr. Barkley declined repeated requests for interviews about his work and statements regarding sluggish cognitive tempo. Several of the field’s other key researchers, Stephen P. Becker of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Benjamin B. Lahey of the University of Chicago and Stephen A. Marshall of Ohio University, also declined to comment on their work.

If it’s a true disorder, why are they not speaking to the press? Could it be because there is no science behind it, only the desire to increase their research grants from Eli Lilly?

Dr. McBurnett recently conducted a clinical trial funded and overseen by Eli Lilly that investigated whether proposed symptoms of sluggish cognitive tempo could be treated with Strattera, the company’s primary A.D.H.D. drug. (One of Strattera’s selling points is that it is not a stimulant like Adderall and Concerta, medications more susceptible to abuse.) His study, published in The Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, concluded, “This is the first study to report significant effects of any medication on S.C.T.”

An Eli Lilly spokeswoman said in an email, “Sluggish cognitive tempo is one of many conditions that Lilly scientists continue to study to help satisfy unmet medical needs around the world.”


You know what makes up a significant portion of my writing time? Plotting. You know what another word for plotting could be?


If the New York Times is treating this trend with such outright skepticism, I don’t believe it will take root. But in this era of Nanny State Uber Alles, I wouldn’t want to lay odds.

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More chutzpah by the EU

The EU is whining that Israel should pay them back for destroying structurers that were built partly with their money. This isn’t the first time you’ve heard organizations saying that Israel should reimburse them for structures destroyed either for being illegal, or in war.

European Union officials alleged that Israel demolished EU-funded housing shelters outside of Ma’aleh Adumim earlier in the week, AFP reported.

Eighteen tin huts built to house Palestinians during the unusually severe winter weather this year were “partially funded by EU member states,” according to the report.

EU officials demanded financial compensation from Israel to Brussels in response to the demolition of three of the structures, Belgian news service EurActiv reported.

“We should ask for compensation from Israel whenever EU-funded humanitarian aid projects are destroyed,” EurActiv quoted an anonymous EU diplomat as saying.

I say absolutely. Right after the EU reimburses Israel for damages caused by Palestinian terrorists who receive their funding from European NGOs, the EU, and the United Nations, and then use that money to create weapons, bombs, and missiles and murder Israelis with them.

“We will raise this issue with the relevant Israeli authorities,” Maja Kocijancic, a spokesperson for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, told EurActiv.

Send them to me. I’ll be happy to tell them, in the choicest of words, what I think about their request.

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A study in Meimei

She’s getting more and more beautiful every day.


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Friday briefs

He’s done it before: Martin Indyk is trashing Netanyahu and manufacturing an anti-Israel crisis so that Israel will take the blame for the failed negotiations. Remember, more than 80% of American Jews voted for the administration that is doing this. Good job, American Jews. Vote for Shrillary next and see where that gets you.

More reasons to hate the IRS: Now you can be responsible for your dead parents’ debts. Looks like Congress screwed over the taxpayer again when it voted to remove the ten-year statute of limitations on money owed to the federal government. Because debt to Uncle Sam is forever.

A state without a state: The fictional statelet of East Palestine has joined more UN bodies and agreements, including the Geneva Convention. So I guess that means Israel can take them to the ICC over the next terrorist attack? (Shyeah, like they’ll care.) They really don’t get that it’s a two-edged sword, do they?

Is it Bizarro World Day? Really? The head of the Arab League thinks that negotiations are going to resume? Really?

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Frozen parodies, part one

I like this one the best so far.

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